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As a business, we’re determined to help the world achieve truly clean, guilt-free flight. Our people are too. It’s going to take a multitude of teams to make this visionary mission possible, but together, we’re going to put a hydrogen-electric, zero-emission powertrain in every aircraft. We see this challenge as an opportunity. Thanks to the agility and commitment of each team and person who contribute their expertise and Clean Sky Thinking, we’re closer every day to fulfilling our purpose and achieving our worthwhile and world-altering mission. Our teams are shaping the future of aviation, so before you become part of one, why not get to know them?

Our teams

Business Operations

Delivering the services essential to optimising our business performance and work environment.

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Secure and develop relationships that support our Clean Sky Thinking.

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Designing next-generation hydrogen electric engines.

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Finance, & Legal

Ensuring financial stability, legal compliance, and the strategic positioning needed to achieve our goals.

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Influence our performance and ensure continual Clean Sky Thinking.

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