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Be part of the expert team designing next-generation hydrogen electric engines. Our divisions of Hydrogen, Propulsion, and Integration are responsible for all engineering aspects, from the initial design and testing to the certification of engines that will revolutionize the aviation industry. Our talented engineers are involved from the concept and feasibility stage, performing rigorous testing to gain essential technological insights. As we move into the product development phase, they take a hands-on approach to engine design, ensuring that every aspect meets our high standards. Our engineers are instrumental in guaranteeing the airworthiness of the engines after certification, and without them, our mission would fail.

Join, and you will work on all ZeroAvia projects, including two certification programs for 600kW and 2MW engine configuration, feasibility and technology development projects for 10MW up to 20MW engine solutions, as well as solutions for electric propulsion, hydrogen storage, fuel cell technology, power distribution, thermal management, compressor and gearbox, and more.

Working in Aircraft Operations

Be part of a key department that’s responsible for installation work and crucial ground and flight operation support. Part of maintaining our fleet sees Aircraft Operations getting hands-on to perform regular inspections and maintenance on the hydrogen/electric powertrain. They ensure airworthy conditions – they’re also the people we turn to when we need their expert feedback and assistance during the design phase.

Join them, and the aircraft you’ll be working with include the Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee Cruiser, used by our employees during their free piloting lessons and for internal high-priority trips. The DO228 with the ZA600 hydrogen/electric powertrain, our most famous craft that featured in the flight test campaign. The Cessna Caravan C208B, used for the launch of our ZA600 certification program testing campaign, and more upcoming aircraft.

Working in Airworthiness, Quality & Certification

Be part of the team ensuring ZeroAvia’s compliance, quality and certification. Knowledgeable of the UK Civil Aviation Authority’s expectations, Airworthiness oversee product certification, system safety and test aircraft approval. They also liaise with the regulator and acquire/maintain our airworthiness approvals. Over in the Quality team, quality oversight is their priority, ensuring the regulatory requirements are met for design and production and conformity to aerospace standards. In Certification, they’re responsible for what you’d expect – the certification of our hydro-electric powertrain – but that’s not all. Without this collective, our goal to put a hydrogen-electric engine in every aircraft isn’t achievable.


Quality Management

Quality is fundamental to the success of our vision and mission. Here, you’re part of the future. This is a game changing development in aviation which you can be part of shaping.


The requirements we work on set not only the groundwork for our tech, but also expectations – both in certification and development for the entire industry as a whole. Guided by industry regulations, you’ll help establish initial requirements that are sufficient, but not overly onerous. We aim for certification, but not at the cost of safety.

Working in Hydrogen Infrastructure

Be part of the team who are committed to ensuring the safe, reliable, and affordable delivery of low or zero-carbon intensity hydrogen to power our planes. Hydrogen Infrastructure is responsible for creating strategic airport partnerships, developing innovative products, and fuelling vehicles with hydrogen. They’re instrumental in raising public and private funds to support our mission. Their unique expertise in power markets enables them to mitigate intermittency and ensure the seamless integration of hydrogen into our operations. By leveraging their efforts, customers can convert their fleets of planes to run on hydrogen, making a significant contribution to reducing environmental impact.

Working in Software & Technology

Be part of the team focused on developing ground-breaking artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and energy management software. This work is critical for the handling of the prototype software-driven hardware used to optimise and control our hydrogen-electric systems. Collaborating with hardware engineers, system designers, and data scientists, they successfully integrate advanced AI-driven systems within our aviation products.

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Meet Saranya

Stress Engineer in Engineering

"The culture and opportunities are the best thing about working here."

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Meet Pablo

Test Engineer in Engineering

"There is a great graduate training program which focuses both on your technical abilities as well as your people skills."

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Meet Cynthia

Airworthiness Engineer in Engineering

"ZeroAvia is eager to push boundaries and test limits."

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Meet Sergei

Head of HTPEM Product Development in Engineering

"This is a really mind-blowing project at the forefront of science and innovation."

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Meet Emerald

Research and Development Engineer in Engineering

"The culture at ZeroAvia is fast-paced, ever changing, and very close-knit."

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Senior Mechanical Design Engineer in Engineering

"The company's mission to decarbonise aviation and make the world a little bit better is what makes me get up every morning."

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Meet Gabriele

Managing Director in Engineering

"I want to improve life on our planet and ZeroAvia helps me do my part."

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