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Who are we and what are we doing?

At ZeroAvia, we believe that hydrogen-electric aviation is the only truly clean and practically scalable solution to aviation’s growing climate impact. The aviation industry is a major contributor to global GHG emissions, that’s undeniable, and those emissions are only going up. Flying keeps the world connected, and so reducing flight is not an option. Instead, the planet needs a scalable clean alternative to fossil-fuel flying. Since 2017, our purpose has been to help the world achieve truly clean flight. Working in our own way and at our own pace, we set about creating the very first hydrogen-electric, zero-emission powertrain, with the ambition of putting one in every single aircraft so the world can remain connected through the power of flight.

Make history with us…

Alongside aircraft operators, owners and manufacturers, our work will see us supply breakthrough zero-emission engines to the world. But we’re not stopping there – to ensure success and reliability, we’re also working to put the supporting infrastructure in place and sourcing the fuel that’s set to power this aviation revolution. ZeroAvians play their part in solving one of the world’s most complex problems – thanks to our Clean Sky Thinking, we’re bringing new insight to aviation and greater purpose to our careers. You could be part of this too.

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