Synergising Success: ZeroAvians and Clean Sky Thinking

April 19, 2023

Our Employer Brand takes us to new heights for people-centric proficiency

Our careers site emphasises Clean Sky Thinking. If you’re more familiar with blue sky thinking, you’ll know that’s synonymous with generating ideas. Here, Clean Sky Thinking showcases our mission, our approach and our end goal. It’s about innovative ideas and much more. We’re here to ultimately create clean skies, and our people, ZeroAvians, think bigger, cleaner, bolder. We’re clear about the complex challenges we face and what we must do to revolutionise the aviation industry: we’re going to put a hydrogen-electric, zero-emission powertrain in every aircraft. This mission does more than drive us. It compels us. That’s our career-specific purpose and, for many of us, our personal purpose too. Every one of us has been inspired to act, but we need more expert ZeroAvians to help us achieve this global change.

Understanding what ZeroAvia means to our staff began with a discovery exercise, including staff surveys and interviews, to capture the real voices of our people. This exercise helped us identify who we are, what we offer as an employer and what we expect from our people and teams. From our purpose, mission and principles, it was apparent that our culture is best defined as high velocity. Our workplace champions collaboration and ambition. Mediocrity is not acceptable under any circumstances. Our thinking drives cutting-edge technology and our solutions. What makes us tick is knowing we have the potential to leave a lasting impact on the world. We’re kick-starting the aviation revolution. We offer pace, innovation and the chance to change the world. In return, we expect passion, expertise and determination.

The culmination of our learning is Clean Sky Thinking. It defines what we want from our people, what we’re working towards achieving and the attitude we all share. With Clean Sky Thinking, the possibilities are endless. Our people drive our mission, and to see us continue on our journey of success, we need more Clean Sky Thinkers to join us. We want the best of the best, nothing less. Clean Sky Thinking attracts the best talent to join us on our journey.

What we do really is career-defining. With Clean Sky Thinking we’re attracting, retaining and engaging talent and unrealised ZeroAvians. The experts in their field. The people passionate about their niche. Those who want to fulfil their purpose and achieve more on a global scale.

We’re committed to creating an environment where ZeroAvians can thrive and contribute meaningfully to the world and our industry. We’re optimising human potential and technological capabilities. If you align with our Clean Sky Thinking, become part of something bigger. Join a team of ZeroAvians who value your input, empower your growth and recognise your potential. This is the start of a rewarding journey that will see you find the purpose in what you do.

From extensive discovery within our business and insight from our people, we can say this is who we are as an employer. We’re Clean Sky Thinkers. Are you?

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